Our Practice Areas

Eglitis & Partners law firm provides services and consultation for both legal entities as well as individuals. Moreover, we always look over the border, thereby, we also offer legal services in Lithuania and Estonia. The legal framework of different spheres is practised. Accordingly:

Residence permits

Residence permits include preparation of documents – procedure or arranging the permit, drafting of the application.

Civil law

Civil law provides document analysis, correction, approval and drafting of contracts such as rent, lease, pledge, corporate, exchange, donation and other forms of contracts.

Commercial law

Commercial law provides establishment and reorganization of companies, sale of companies and shares thereof etc.

Family law

Family law includes drafting of different agreements, child support, custody service, marriage and divorce dispute solutions.

Criminal law procedures

Criminal law procedures include the preparation of documents and representation of our clients in relations with both public and municipal authorities, as well as during legal proceedings.

Employment law

Employment law includes drafting of the employment contracts, as well as assistance in solving employment-related disputes.

Mergers & Acqusition

Mergers & Acqusition procedures provide preparation of transactions of merger or acquisition processes.

Accounting and Financial consultation

Accounting service and Financial consultation provides basic business accounting and tax issue problem solving.

Legal translation service

Legal translation service – providing all kind of legal document translation.

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